A downloadable game for Windows

This is the start of a joke idea I had to make a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure version of Cookie Clicker which I will be updating regularly. Now with new save feature!

I do not own JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, it's characters, audio, copyright or goods relating to the franchise. It belongs to Hirohiko Araki, and all the companies licensing it such as Shonen Jump, Tokyo MX, MBS, TBC, RKB, CBC, BS11 and Animax. All rights belong to the parties listed. This game is a parody and a tribute to the series and pays full respect to its creators. The background art is also not mine though I cannot find the creator.

Install instructions

Just extract the zip and that will give you the application and the save file!


JoJoPose Clicker.zip 81 MB